Temperature Message

Description: Used to indicate one or more temperatures at a sampling interval.

Topic: Asset/A1000/Temperature

Example Message:
{"dateTime": "2018-09-10T01:36:44",
"assetId": "A1000",
"messageId", "7d43480.c4a3eb8",
"dataItemId": "Temperature",
"sensorId": "Temperature-1",
"samplingInterval": 1.00,
"value": [78.2]}

Message Parameters

Parameter Description
dateTime Date and time of the event.
assetId The Id of the entity that is generating the message data.
messageId A unique Id value for this message.
dataItemId The Id of the secondary classification of the data.
sensorId The Id of the sensor used to collect the data.
samplingInterval The interval between samples (seconds).
value One or more temperature values.