Topic: Assets/A1000/PositionX_Work

Example Message:
{"dateTime": "2017-11-24T01:26:44",
"assetId": "A1000",
"dataItemId": "PositionX_Work",
"value": 112.1493}


A measured or calculated position of a component element as reported by a piece of equipment. Subtypes of Position are ACTUAL, COMMANDED, PROGRAMMED, and TARGET. If a SubType is not specified, the reported value for the data must default to the subtype of ACTUAL.

To specify WORK or MACHINE coordinates, the specified coordinate system is appended to the dataItemId.

Position is reported in native machine units.

Message Parameters

Parameter Description
dateTime Date and time of the event
assetId The Id of the entity that is generating the message data
dataItemId The Id of the secondary classification of the data