Current (Electrical) Message

One or more measurements of electrical current from a single phase of a circuit.


Example Message:
"itemInstanceId": "Part_EPICS_1001",
"messageId": "544ce4341357dbee",
"phase": "1",
"sensorId": "current1",

Message Parameters

Parameter Description
dateTime Date and time (ISO 8601) when the sampling began.
assetId The Id of the entity that is generating the message data.
dataItemId The Id of the secondary classification of the data.
itemInstanceId The Id of the item (part) being processed during the measurement.
messageId A globally unique Id to identify the message.
phase The electrical phase (e.g. 1,2,3) of the circuit.
samplingInterval The time (seconds) between each sample in the values array.
value A single value or array of current (amps) samples.